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Must read books to become a lawyer

Many an individual wants to be someone with a voice, to call the shots in matters of humanity, to make an exceeding impact in a strange land notwithstanding the ethical bottlenecks that precede the place.

It is noteworthy, however, that the legal profession suits just fine concerning the above criteria. More often than not, it is a profession that is accorded the full purview to weigh the rationalities of man, thereby de-popularizing the mind’s disputes and inordinations that are always hitherto; entrusted to a supreme deity.

In other words, every attorney is a supernatural judicial representative of some sort. Hence the words passed in the court of law has a profound effect of evoking emotions, however latent, even to the vilest of criminals.

A lawyer’s book

A book meant for would-be lawyers is always noted as a larger-than-life tome that can give a cramp when carried about. It’s a commonplace that when people see boring, heavy books with dusty and hard bindings sitting gloomily on ancient shelves, they quickly deduce the owners as being legal practitioners. They are partially wrong in that regards.

While it’s true that lawyers tend to fill their heads to rustiness with books upon books of legal practices, injunctions, and torts, it is erroneous for an ‘outsider’ to altogether forego the contents and purpose of such books. The content makes a book; not the weight.

So one should be inclined to applaud the county attorney no matter the stature for he or she has a reservoir for a head.

What must a lawyer’s book have?

For aspiring lawyers or those who have a penchant for a straitjacket kind of justice served right out the oven. Here are pointers that might pique the interest of the learned comrades. It also encompasses the requirement that must be sought after when choosing a book from the local bookstore or the net.

It should be historically accurate: The literature should have an element of accuracy that would make it easier, where judicial precedence to be derived from an event for a reference to another, happening at present. Besides being factual to a degree, it should have proceedings to an event that must be annotated correctly for utmost validity.

It must be erstwhile Logical: Legal papers or law dissertation aids should be sensible in the physical plane of existence. It should elicit general nods of commendation by critics of religion and downright freethinkers. A book on legal matters should be free from prevarications, half-truths, and fables.

Suffice it to say hence, that there is nothing like fantasy or worlds of magic and alternate universes in the archives of a respectable jury. Tolkien and his ilk have no place in the ideals of an attorney’s grey matter. It should be free also of personal sentiments and emotional judgment. A law thesis or dissertation should be open to the reader to draw conclusions… For that exactly would be his/her duty, later on, therefore these books are of law dissertation help.

Suspense: A work should be suspense-packed, leaving the aspiring advocate or writer of legal paper a chance to deduce appropriately any unfolding story. A good legal dissertation if in prose form should enable the reader to be a detective and harbinger of justice for the settlement of feuds if any between the characters of that work.

Compulsory for the bookshelf of Wannabe lawyers:

• The firm – by John Grisham
• Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
• The constitution of the location of the practice.
• A comprehensive history of the world or more so, the continent where one resides.
• A detailed and well-annotated manual on previous cases, torts, malfeasances, and judicial settings.
• Some crime novels that inspire sleuth and logical thinking.
• An autobiography of outstanding judges and attorneys in the field of the Law.
• Books on languages.
• Journals on the advancement of legal practices to the modern world…….to keep up with the times.

Have a nice appetite; have a wonderful reading adventure!

Polular law & literature books

Literature refers to superior and artistic written works of any topic, whereas law consists of the rules and principles set by a country, to regulate the actions and behaviours of the citizens of that particular country. Most people hardly ever experience situations that need the involvement of the law; as a result, they are unaware of how the judicial system works.

Books that combine Law Literature commonly have the objective to educate people on how a country’s law is applied and how certain laws have an impact on social issues.

Listed below are the popular “must read” law and literature books.

• Bleak House, by Charles Dickens

The book tells the tale of the residents of a town near London, who desperately try to solve a civil case that they named “Jarndyce”.

The case appears to be very complex because it involves an inheritance.

Charles Dickens’ books often address social issues, and in this particular one, the reviews, in a satirical manner, the British judicial system.

• In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

This book is a non-fiction novel that tells the true story of the assassination of the Clutter family which took place in Holcomb, Kansas.

Capote spent a total of six years gathering the information that would be essential to his book, the publication of which made him a literary celebrity.

• To Kill a Mocking bird, by Harper Lee

The book tells the story of a young girl named Scout.

Scout’s father is a lawyer defending a black man who has been accused of sexually assaulting a white woman.

The main themes of the book are southern life, racial injustice, courage and compassion, and class.

The book is praised for its ability to have some humour while addressing serious issues.

• Fifty years of silence, by Jan Ruff O’Herne

This book is a biography-memoir of a woman, Jan, who was forced into sexual slavery during the Japanese invasion of Java in 1942.

In 1944, Jan was taken, along with her mother and two younger sisters, to a Prison Camp in Ambarawa. She was then later secretly taken to a military brothel to work as a slave for three months. She was repeatedly raped and beaten during that period.

After she was returned to the camp, she was threatened not to reveal what had happened to her. Fifty years later, Jan needs to go public; However, she must first find the courage to tell her family members about what had really happened to her.

• The Trial, by Franz Kafka

This is the story of a banker, Joseph k, who is mysteriously arrested one morning, for no apparent reason.

The book speaks of his struggles during the period of his trial. He was murdered exactly a year after his arrest.

Most of us are sheltered, and we are unaware or have only a brief idea of what goes on around us and in other parts of the world. Literary books involving juridical cases and issues may be chilling and hard to read. However, they really open one’s eyes to the harsh reality of life.

Steve Jackson books. What is interesting?

Steve Jackson is an American author who has written a lot of books like; bogeyman, rough trade, smooth talker, no stone unturned, monster and many others. He has written academic books too at the university level, he has also written for the newspaper industry for more than 20 years.

He assisted other people when stuck in their projects when working for the newspaper company, finally, he founded his own publishing company; WildBlue Press which is headquartered in Colorado. He is an award-winning journalist and a bestselling author. He has written eleven non-fiction books including biographies and history. His famous history book Lucky lady won a prestigious award for best biography in the year 2003. These are some of the areas he has worked on;

1. Publishing
In 2014 he launched a publishing company called WildBlue Press, he has inspired by the problems being faced by writers in the present day. It has become for writers to get publishing houses to take up their books, he decided to try and give them a place for that. They started with true crime and fiction lines and today they have been able to publish more than 50 books in the market, they look forward to publishing romance in the future.

2. Educating and coaching
Steve Jackson has worked in writing and editing in different universities. He has now decided to focus on helping other writers develop their writing skills by starting a publishing company.

3. Journalism
Steve Jackson is an award-winning journalist, he started in college where he wrote articles for the State University. He graduated with a degree in journalism and thereafter worked for many years in a newspaper group. He has gained a lot of experience through his time working for the newspaper; this is because he has worked in different places from Florida to Malaysia. During this time he was able to earn himself a good name and a number of awards for his writing, he is known for writing about crime.

The best Steve Jackson books

His books range from medicine to issues affecting the society today; these are some of his best publications;

1. Monster
The monster was his first publication; it tells a story of a brutal murderer and a cop who worked hard to ensure that he did not get away with his crimes. It made it to New York Times bestseller list just two weeks after it was published. Listen to him talking about his books here

2. Not lost forever
Carmina Saldido co-authored with Steve Jackson in this book, it an amazing story about a young lady who lost her father in an attack that killed other seven people. The book revolves around that young woman who later came back and confronted the ghosts of her past.

3. Bogeyman
This was the first book to be published by WildBlue Press, it tells the story of the most terrifying child killer in US history. It talks of how the Texas lawmen that made him pay for his crimes.

Steve Jackson has been described as a writer who writes with both muscle and heart, his books are highly recommended.

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