Steve Jackson is an American author who has written a lot of books like; bogeyman, rough trade, smooth talker, no stone unturned, monster and many others. He has written academic books too at the university level, he has also written for the newspaper industry for more than 20 years.

He assisted other people when stuck in their projects when working for the newspaper company, finally, he founded his own publishing company; WildBlue Press which is headquartered in Colorado. He is an award-winning journalist and a bestselling author. He has written eleven non-fiction books including biographies and history. His famous history book Lucky lady won a prestigious award for best biography in the year 2003. These are some of the areas he has worked on;

1. Publishing
In 2014 he launched a publishing company called WildBlue Press, he has inspired by the problems being faced by writers in the present day. It has become for writers to get publishing houses to take up their books, he decided to try and give them a place for that. They started with true crime and fiction lines and today they have been able to publish more than 50 books in the market, they look forward to publishing romance in the future.

2. Educating and coaching
Steve Jackson has worked in writing and editing in different universities. He has now decided to focus on helping other writers develop their writing skills by starting a publishing company.

3. Journalism
Steve Jackson is an award-winning journalist, he started in college where he wrote articles for the State University. He graduated with a degree in journalism and thereafter worked for many years in a newspaper group. He has gained a lot of experience through his time working for the newspaper; this is because he has worked in different places from Florida to Malaysia. During this time he was able to earn himself a good name and a number of awards for his writing, he is known for writing about crime.

The best Steve Jackson books

His books range from medicine to issues affecting the society today; these are some of his best publications;

1. Monster
The monster was his first publication; it tells a story of a brutal murderer and a cop who worked hard to ensure that he did not get away with his crimes. It made it to New York Times bestseller list just two weeks after it was published. Listen to him talking about his books here

2. Not lost forever
Carmina Saldido co-authored with Steve Jackson in this book, it an amazing story about a young lady who lost her father in an attack that killed other seven people. The book revolves around that young woman who later came back and confronted the ghosts of her past.

3. Bogeyman
This was the first book to be published by WildBlue Press, it tells the story of the most terrifying child killer in US history. It talks of how the Texas lawmen that made him pay for his crimes.

Steve Jackson has been described as a writer who writes with both muscle and heart, his books are highly recommended.