The Mentor

They say lightning never strikes twice. They’re wrong.

Once again London is the victim of an explosive and horrifying attack, but this time the enemy is much closer to home. Paul Aston, a young MI6 agent, is sent to investigate. But nothing could have prepared him for the scenes of horror and devastation he sees. Images that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

The government blames MI6, MI6 blames the government, but the truth is more chilling than anyone could have thought.

Slowly, Aston tears away the layers of corruption, betrayal and murder to reveal the real culprit. Someone who knows every trick in the book, because he's played every one of them. Someone who has a deep seething hatred of MI6 and will stop at nothing until his enemies are brought to their knees.

He is The Mentor…

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Praise for The Mentor

"A jolly good thriller... " – The Guardian

"Gripping and fast-paced." – The Sun

"Fast-paced and horrifyingly current... a chilling read full of double crossing and undercover trickery." – News of the World

"Scary stuff with escalating tension throughout." – The Bookseller

The first novel in Jackson’s Paul Aston thriller series draws readers into its seamless plot. Jackson’s thoroughly developed characters set this spy thriller well above others of its kind, and readers will be eager to follow Aston through the simultaneously released The Judas and future sequels. – Publishers Weekly

"Fast paced and full of twists and turns, this gripping book is for anyone who loves spooks and James Bond."
4 out of 5 Maxim

"Rarely can a work of literary fiction have drawn such chilling parallels with reality than Steve Jackson's debut novel. Jackson delayed publication of this book after the London bombings. Thankfully those who love thoughtful spy thrillers with rich emotionally charged characters and an all-too-real plot can now finally enjoy a very promising new talent." – Aberdeen Evening Express

"Every bit as enjoyable as an Ian Fleming or John Grisham tale." – Watford Observer

"Lots of action, terrific plot, and a story that is so realistic it makes you shudder. It's gritty, pacy and everything you could wish for in a novel to keep you turning the pages. I simply couldn't put this book down."
Rosie Goodwin (author of Dancing Till Midnight)

"A topical and frightening story of a London bombing and how terrorists can use modern technology to make things even worse. The reason for it all is successfully kept to the last chapters so creating a suspenseful tale."

"Fans of Spooks, and they are legion, will love this thrill a minute story." – Syston Town News

Published by HarperCollins