What's next?

The third book in the Paul Aston series is The Watcher, which will be hopefully be published soon. Here’s a sneak preview of the blurb.

He knows when you are sleeping... He watches when you’re awake.

Eighteen months have passed since MI6 agent Paul Aston went AWOL. Tired of running, he has settled in Oregon, where he believes he is safe. He’s got a steady job, and a girl. Life is good. Unfortunately his new life is built on lies, and those lies are about to catch up with him.

In Moscow, a daring kidnap triggers a chain of events that will force Aston to confront his past. Meanwhile, in Britain, a plane full of holidaymakers is shot down, killing hundreds. An al-Qa’eda splinter group claims responsibility, but could there be a link to the kidnapping?

In his most thrilling assignment to date, Aston goes up against an old enemy hell-bent on revenge. An enemy who is cunning and absolutely ruthless. The stakes have never been higher. Unless Aston can stop him, tens of thousands will die.

There can be only one winner.